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Thermal Printer Support 

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Simple Print driver tool - USE THIS!!

New Windows driver for 80mm printers.  Fast, simple printer and driver installation for all Xprinters, USB, COM or Bluetooth.  Strongly recommended, it makes printer installation VERY quick and easy!

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Printer Test V3.2C Standard control software

You'll need this to change printer settings, set IP addresses, Change baud rates, upload logos and access advanced printer functions

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How to set Xprinter Baud rate from 3.2 Printer Test software

Some models can ONLY set baud rate via software as they have no dipswitches.  This video guide shows you how to use software 3.2 to do the job when connected by USB.  Also works if you have software v3.0, 3.1

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Operating Manual - USB / Lan / Serial 80mm Thermal EPOS Xprinters

Full operating manual for all Xprinter thermal printers. 

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How to switch off audible and visual alarms

Switch off the alarm, or change the times when it operates.  Tech Bulletin 44001

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How to set 260/300 series printers to print all orders

as received and fire cash drawer trigger every print

As standard these printers will print receipts / orders one at a time and won't print the next one until the previous print has been torn off.  Sometimes clients want all orders / receipts printed as and when received, even if there's a queue.​

This modification tells the printer to run off all print commands immediately when received with no backup in memory.  If you need cash drawer trigger to fire on every print this also shows how to do that

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Quick Wifi setup guide for 80mm Thermal EPOS Xprinters

Simple set up guide for Wifi models.  Requires WinZip or Winrar

Simple set up guide for Wifi models
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Video Wifi Setup

Simple set up guide for Wifi models.  Use with the written notes above for best results

Video of Wifi splashproof C260H network setup

Courtesy of Gordon Hedley at Aster systems.  Check their website here for free POS software and great EPOS systems sales and service in Scotland

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Wifi & Bluetooth 80mm Thermal EPOS Xprinter

Full operating manual for Xprinter thermal printers.  Requires WinZip or Winrar

Operating Manual
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DRIVER v 7.77 - Windows configuration

Older Windows driver for all Xprinters.  Works well but we recommend you use the simple tool at top of this list on 80mm thermal printers (the vast majority of our printers)

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Bluetooth printer quick setup Video

90 second video on Bluetooth printer setup

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How to set standard printers to Beep with print

Command settings to use in Printer Test Program v3.2 

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Android drivers for Xprinters

Does what it says on the box - driver for 80mm printers when using Android. 

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Apple IOS Iprinter finder setup for Xprinter

Allows discovery and setup of Xprinter retail printers from IOS based devices and software

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Ethernet and IP address setup

For LAN 80mm Thermal EPOS Xprinters

Quick LAN setup and IP address setting.  Requires WinZip or Winrar

Ethernet and IP address setup
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Code and dipswitch settings for all printers - useful!!

Switch off or on the alarms, lights, cutter and print settings.  Tech Bulletin 44052

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Virtual Com Port settings

for all 80mm Thermal EPOS Xprinters

COM settings for 80mm Thermal EPOS Xprinters.  Requires WinZip or Winrar

Virtual Com Port Settings
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Programmers Manual commands

Protocol and coding guide for integtators.  Requires WinZip or Winrar


Programmers Manual Commands

Video showing how to install Xprinter drivers 

Courtesy of Gordon Hedley at Aster systems.  Check their website here for free POS software and great EPOS systems sales and service in Scotland

Video showing how to switch off the alarm repeat and ensure all orders print instantly received, even if not removed

See written guide above "How to switch off audible alarm" here.  Courtesy of Gordon Hedley at Aster systems.   Check their website here for free POS software and great EPOS systems sales and service in Scotland

Xprinter Sound and Light alarm options

This video shows the different sound and light alarm settings achievable with all Xprinters. You can also watch this video on youtube

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